Special features of Evenki newspaper texts: Attributive use of deverbal nouns, or denominal adjectives?

Elena Rudnitskaya
Institute of Oriental Studies RAS

Abstract. In the paper, the use of certain Evenki deverbal nouns that do not have any attributive marker in the modifier position is considered. These nouns, without attaching any attributive marker, have morphological features of an adjective — they optionally agree with the head noun. This phenomenon is an innovation; such constructions occur only in written (newspaper and translated) texts, but not in the oral language. I propose the formal analysis of the construction under consideration. Some non-trivial properties of Evenki nominalizers are mentioned.

Keywords: linguistics, derivation marker, deverbal noun, attributivization, morphological constraint, syntactic pattern, agreement, Evenki

For citation: Rudnitskaya E. Special features of Evenki newspaper texts: Attributive use of deverbal nouns, or denominal adjectives? Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters. 2019. Vol. 2, iss. 1. Pp. 100–118. (In Rus.)