Relative clause or nominalized clause: The evidence from Kazym Khanty

Daria Bikina, Aleksey Starchenko
National Research University Higher School of Economics

Abstract. This study concerns the syntax of participial sentential complements in Kazym Khanty (Ob‑Ugric < Uralic). Most of sentential complementation in Kazym Khanty is done by means of a construction that is akin to relative clauses. This construction has a semantically vacuous noun wɛr ‘deed’ as its head. In this article, we compare the syntactic behaviour of relative clauses and sentential wɛr-complements. The latter are analyzed as relativization of a factive argument in the Davidsonian sense [Davidson 1967].

Keywords: Ob-Ugric, sentential complementation, relativization

For citation: Bikina D., Starchenko A. Relative clause or nominalized clause: The evidence from Kazym Khanty. Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters. 2019. Vol. 2, iss. 1. Pp. 49–69. (In Rus.)